Application Designer Documentation

This is where it all begins. All the best in creating your first application for automating your business process.

The application designer is where you get to start building your new application and managing any existing application(s). In this section you get to create the application container which will contain all the forms, workflows, dashboards, etc necessary for a business process.

Once a user with the access to create applications logs in to the platform, they are greeted with a fresh blank screen – with a button to create a “New Application” or if they are a recurring user – a screen which contains the application created till date.

The process to add a new application is as simple as clicking on the button “Create App” – which has a plus sign on it. Once done, just give the Application a name and define the business purpose of the new application for example, let’s say you are creating an application to handle the travel requests at your organization, the application name can be “ Travel Request” and the business purpose can be operations. Once this is done, the platform automatically sorts the applications into one of these categories: Unpublished (work-in-progress) and published applications.

Your application container has been created. Now you can move on to the next step in the process – creating the interface that will be visible to the end user(s) once they login to the application.